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Olympic National Park view from Mount Virginia

Honor Their Memory By Planting a Tree

When you choose to have a memorial tree planted, you are doing more than simply putting a plant in the ground. You are making a long-term commitment to the environment and rooting the memories of a loved one in our planet for countless years to come. A memorial tree is a unique tribute which provides global benefits like no other memorial gift could.

Buy a tree. Show your support to the earth and one another.




  • When you buy a tree, a memorial tree is planted in the Mount Virginia New Growth Forest, according to the planting schedule of Mount Virginia Forest Restoration Plan.


  • Their and your name is listed on the entrance gate to the Mount Virginia New Growth Forest.

                                      Buy a tree! 


In today’s changing world with climate change and environment concerns, planting a tree allows you to make a lasting memory of your loved one. Each tree is planted through the efforts of reforestation in an area along the Puget Sound that has been and is at risk for deforestation. Forest ecosystems in this region not only affect the health of life on land, but also the diverse wildlife under the sea. 


Show your support by planting a tree in their honor in the Mount Virginia New Growth Forest. When you buy a tree in their honor, their name, along with yours, will be listed on the entrance gate to the New Growth Forest at Mount Virginia. 

Plant a Tree in Their Honor



After you complete your purchase here, you will receive an email confirmation. 

Respond with the spelling of both your name and your loved one as you would like it to appear on the Mount Virginia New Growth Forest entrance gate.

Keep in touch with our quarterly Newsletter and watch your tree grow! 

Let's keep growing together! Buy a tree.  Plant hope for the future. 

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