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Forest Wedding

Those 3 words you've been waiting to hear. 

Small Forest 

Nothing is more exciting than finding that one person you want to spend your forever with and NOTHING is going to get in your way... except finding a venue, booking the caterer, figuring out who to invite and perhaps more importantly who not to invite...did you decide on flowers? a cake? a color?? Not to mention the recent ways weddings have been flipped on their head because of a global health pandemic. Let's just say, you're not alone in feeling like it's getting to be TOO much or a wedding at the Court House...


Love will find a way. 

And so have we. One that's







AND, Memorable. 

Here at Mount Virginia We've got weddings down to 2 options.  



A Mount Virginia Micro Wedding is where elegant meets the PNW! Celebrate your love with a guest list sized up to 50 people.   

Even Smaller.


Our All Inclusive Elopement Package is truly one of a kind. For you, your sweetheart and up to 8 additional guests. 

Trail in Woods

That's it. Easy as 1-2-3


Come Out For a Site Visit. 


Select a Package. 


Set the date. 

Don't get caught up in all the fluff. Focus on what matters most. 

What if you could enjoy your big day AND give to something bigger than you?  

When you say "I do" at Mount Virginia you are saying "I do" to so much more: 

I do support Small Family Businesses

I do support Female Entrepreneurs 

I do support Forest Restoration Efforts 

I do support Sustainable Practices
I do support Local Artisans 

I do support Community Building 

Planting Trees

It's one day, but it's the start of your forever. 


Come out for a site visit. 


Select a package. 


Set the date. 

It was the most beautiful and intimate wedding we've ever been to.

Never have I felt more myself than in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. 

People are raving about Small Forest Weddings! 

So there you have it. 

Small Forest 

Need we say anymore? 

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