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Built over 30 years ago on a hillside in the Key Peninsula, Mount Virginia offers an experience like no other.
Mount Virginia is on the land of The Coast Salish People. We honor and acknowledge this indigenous history in the creation of our home. We look to the wisdom of Pacific North West Indigenous communities for guidance in upholding the stewardship practices and traditions of this land. We share a commitment to take care of this land as if our lives and the lives of our children depend on it, because they do. And, we invite and encourage each of our guests to share in this gratitude towards and for our mother, earth. 
Named after the iconic American landmark of one of our Founding Father's, Mount Vernon, located in Virginia, and designed with American Colonial architecture in mind, walking through the grounds is like a walk through history and an invitation to live simply. Mount Virginia provides a place for people to find themselves through respite, community and creativity.
Here at Mount Virginia, we believe people want to experience life (within us and around us!), not just get through it. Join us for a programmed retreat or reach out to set up a personal stay. We'd love to host you.


The best butterhorns

This recipe has been made in our family for over 80 years. Learn more about ordering baked goods.

Previous Guests have said

"Wow, just wow. Beautiful home, grounds and comfortable beds in idyllic setting. QUIET. The personal touches are icing on the cake. Fresh made cookies, thoughtful do it yourself breakfasts, lemonade, local soaps, books, coffee and creamer....the list goes on and on."
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